Kimberly & Robert's Wedding Day 19th February 2016

Here at Poet Productions we are always looking for new opportunities to photograph a wedding with interesting looks and most of all, creating natural and candid images. Kimberly and Robert's wedding was no exception. It was a fun and happy event despite the heat.

On the 19th of February, Kimberly & Robert were married before a picturesque backdrop in Yarralumla in the Australian Capital Territory. Before the day commenced, the boys dressed up for a few group photographs while the girls had their hair made. When the girls were ready to get dressed, we took a lot of preparation images and also their group photos, especially with the Bride's parents.

I was deeply impressed with the choice of jewelry and more impressed and jealous of the bride's choice of shoes which put comfort first and I knew I was in for a long day with my tight leather shoes. I learnt something important from a very clever bride that day.

The Ceremony was delayed slightly as we waited for 'Pop' to arrive and when he did, the weather was absolutely perfect. The light coming through the trees threw beautiful dappled light across the clearing.

The location was perfect for a sunset image but there was not enough time to climb the hill in the distance and golden hour was fast approaching. So I stole the bridal party, found a log and used a small wood as our backdrop to create an almost lost in the woods, fairy tale look.

We then took the event inside, into the wool shed which was both a relaxed and happy affair. There was so much beautiful atmosphere to the entire event and I loved being there for another lovely couple. Please enjoy some select images of the evening.

Posted on March 20, 2016 .